Agroecology Minor

The agroecology minor utilizes the four courses in the Agroecology Summer Intensive for 12 of the required credits. Students will select two additional courses from a range of existing on-campus courses to complete the Agroecology minor. The Agroecology Summer Intensive (ASI) takes place at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center and is available to all Goshen College students, regardless of their majors, as well as to students from other institutions. A minor in agroecology provides a great learning experience to a broad spectrum of students across campus –– and to prospective students –– interested in issues regarding sustainable agricultural systems and healthy diets.

Course Requirements

In order to receive an agroecology minor students must successfully complete all the courses in the Agroecology Summer Intensive program (ASI). These courses add up to 12 credit hours.

Biol 220 Properties & Management of Soils 3 credits
Biol 230 Small Farm Management & Produce Marketing 3 credits
Biol 316 Vegetable Crops 3 credits
Biol 318 Agroecology 3 credits

Students will also select two courses from the following pre-existing campus courses:

Biol 201 Botany 4 credits
Biol 308 General Entomology 4 credits
Biol 309 General Ecology 4 credits
Bus 316 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
Soc 301 Community Development 3 credits

Other courses appropriate to the student’s area of interest may be substituted with the approval of their advisor and the director of the ASI.

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