Physics of Music

  • Miller and Buschert: Finalists in Guthman competition

    GC Professor John Buschert and Sophomore John Miller take "Music Maker" to Georgia.

  • Physics of Music—Matthew Rody

    "The Effect of Mouthpiece Design on Tone for the Alto Saxophone," a project completed by Matthew Rody for Physics of Music, Instructor: John Ross Buschert

  • Physics of Music 2007

    "On the Tuning of Oxygen Canister Bells" by David Glick Physics of Musics Goshen College, Spring 2007

  • Physics of Music 2005

    Jon Nofziger is measuring the response of a wood top banjo he built. He is driving it at the bridge with a sine waves of variable frequency and measuring the radiated sound picked up by a microphone.