2012 Piano Workshop and Academy Schedule

The following is a listing of lecture and master class topics for the 2011 Goshen College Piano Workshop and Academy.

Downloadable Schedules

Please note that these schedules are tentative and are subject to change. (Files revised June 12, 2012)

Lecture/Presentation Titles

Jody Graves

  • Over the Bar-Line and Through the Notes
  • Mastery – How Do We Foster the Process into Artistic Delivery?
  • An American Pianist in the Middle East

Matthew Hill

  • The Pianism of William Kapell
  • The Legends of Liszt
  • Claude Frank’s Teaching in Master Class

Beverly Lapp

  • Growth Mindsets for Piano Teachers: A Lifetime of Impact

Jorge Muñiz

  • Bringing Creativity to Piano Instruction: Improvising and Composition Exercises that Engage Student and Teacher

Nicholas Roth

  • A Discussion on the Effective Use of the Damper Pedal

Master Classes

  • Tuesday, June 19:  Jody Graves
  • Wednesday, June 20:  Nicholas Roth
  • Wednesday, June 21:  Matthew Hill


  • Monday, June 18:  Student Showcase Recital
  • Tuesday, June 19:  Nicholas Roth, solo piano
  • Wednesday, June 20:  Jody Graves, solo piano
  • Thursday, June 21:  Student ensemble recital and premiere of a new duet by Jorge Muñiz