Students visit ISD

We went to the Indiana School for the Deaf to see a basketball game and the Miss Deaf America Pageant.

The pageant was very interesting to us seeing all of the different representations of each state. The issues they represented were to save the Deaf schools and preserve their language ASL. We really enjoyed the trip and learned a lot from new signs to culture norms.

Molly writes:

One weekend in March Christine, Kelsey and I visited the Indiana School for the Deaf for different events that were going on that weekend. It was an amazing enlightenment of the Deaf Culture. The pride of the culture and the closeness of the groups was just astounding. It was interesting to experience a culture that is so often hidden – tucked away behind the masses. At the same time, however, it was heart wrenching to see the other side of things. You could see just how run down the school is becoming due to a lack of funds. It was astounding to look at the grounds and the condition of some of the places on campus and to know/hear about how much these schools make a difference in the lives of so many Deaf individuals – especially in a society where we place so much emphasis on having the best.