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  • Minah Kim

    Military service concerns Minah Kim, a math and business major from South Korea.

  • Fair Allocation Visualizations

    Philip Bontrager developed visualizations to assist in better understanding notions of fairness and their interrelationships in resource allocation problems.

  • Fair Allocation

    David Housman presented the student workshop at the Indiana Section Mathematical Association of America spring meeting.

  • Welcome Amy DeCelles

    Amy DeCelles is Patricia Oakley's sabbatical replacement for 2011-2012.

  • Fair Allocation with Budget Constraints

    Chaim Hodges explored envy-free allocations in inheritance problems.

  • 2011 MCM Results

    Chaim Hodges, Emily Fretz, and Andy Clemens participated in the 2011 Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

  • 2011 ICMC Results

    Chaim Hodges, Bruck Mulat, and Andrew Clemens competed April 8 as one of twenty-eight teams in the 2011 Indiana Colleges Mathematics Contest.

  • Fractal Music

    Senior math major Sarah Rody to present "Fractal Music" at the 13th annual Student Research Symposium.

  • 2010 Putnam Competition Results

    Three students represented Goshen College in the 71st William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

  • Mathematics and playing games

    Listen to this podcast from Professor Housman (5/17/10)

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