2013 ICMC Results

Eight Goshen College students participated in the Indiana Colleges Mathematics Competition held during the spring meeting of the Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America at Indiana University East, March 22, 2013.  Goshen College fielded three of the 35 teams.  Teams of up to three students each were given 2 hours to solve eight problems, each worth 10 points.  Mitchell Brickson, Daniel Fecher, and Jackson Bush scored 16 points.


Joel Pepala and Dennis Chavez scored 15 points.

Problem 8: A soccer ball is stitched together using white hexagons and black pentagons.  Each pentagon borders five hexagons. Each hexagon borders three other hexagons and three pentagons. Each vertex is of valence 3 (meaning that at each corner of a hexagon or pentagon, exactly three hexagons or pentagons meet). How many hexagons and how many pentagons are needed to make a soccer ball?


Hannah Bachman, Michelle Espino, and Erin Helmuth scored 6 points.

Problem 3: Assume A and B are two sets with m and n elements, respectively.  (a) How many one-to-one functions are there from A to B?  (b) How many one-to-one and onto functions are there from A to B?

Everyone had a great time!  Daniel stuck around for the rest of the conference with faculty members Patricia Oakley and David Housman.