Money Palindromes Answer

During my last visit to the grocery store, I paid $13.31 — a palindrome centered on the period. What is the probability of having to pay an amount that is a palindrome centered on the period?  Mohammad Rasoulipour gave the following answer: “There is only a possibility of palindromes centered on a period on the amounts less than $100 because it has to fit in the general symmetrical shape of XY.YX.  X could be any of 10 digits and Y could be any of 10 digits so: 10X10X1X1 = 100.  It starts with 01.10 (also seen as 1.1) since 00.00 is considered free, and it extends to 99.99 there are 99 possible in 10,000 (10X10X10X10).  So the probability is 99/10,000 or 0.0099.”   Jim Miller also provided a good solution.  Mohammad, stop by SC 117 for your prize.