Ron Milne Retires

Ron Milne retired as professor of mathematics. Milne joined the faculty in 1976 and served the campus community for 33 years. He and his wife, Reference and Instruction Librarian Sally Jo – who is also retiring this year after 25 years of service to the college – have led Study-Service Term (SST) units in Haiti, Ivory Coast and Indonesia, and will lead one to Senegal in 2010.Milne, a Goshen High School graduate, earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Goshen College in 1967. After graduation, Milne served six years with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Kenya (1967-1970) and Malawi (1973-1976). During this time he earned a master’s degree in mathematics from Michigan State University in 1972.

In 1976, Milne found his way back to Goshen College and filled in for Professor Lester Zimmerman, who was on sabbatical. In 1978, Milne and Sally Jo led three SST units in Haiti. Following that, Milne filled in for another professor before pursuing a doctorate at Indiana University. In 1983, Milne returned to GC for a permanent position as a professor of mathematics.

During the 33 years Milne worked at GC, he especially appreciated the global emphasis of the college. “I have enjoyed the opportunities for continued international and intercultural involvement,” he said. “I enjoyed the SST assignments because, in addition to learning about other cultures, I was able to relate to students in a broader way than simply in a class focused on a single discipline.”

Milne taught courses throughout the mathematics curriculum with a focus on students who would become elementary teachers and secondary teachers of mathematics. He was involved in the introduction of computers into the mathematics curriculum in the 1990s.

Milne was also involved in many campus-wide committees, which “provided opportunities to interact with faculty, and sometimes students, from a variety of disciplines to address issues of concern to the entire campus,” Milne said. He served as chair of the general education program review panels in 1987.

While retirement to some professors means leaving the job completely behind, Milne said he does not feel like he is leaving Goshen. “GC is much more than a job; it is a relationship,” he said. “I am retiring from many responsibilities but I am not terminating my relationship to GC.”

Retirement does mean leaving the classroom, which Milne will miss. “I have always learned a lot and have been energized by my interactions with students and I will miss the classroom,” Milne said.

Milne has plans to go traveling, hiking and biking. “I also want to be available for short-term assignments with Goshen College or with church agencies,” Milne said. “I can see myself doing some voluntary tutoring locally at some point.”

Milne and his wife Sally Jo attend College Mennonite Church and have three adult children – Michelle ’94, Jessica ’00 and Andrea ’02.

The above is quoted from the press release “Goshen College says goodbye to five faculty members.”