Sales Representative

Categories Part-Time
Organization Vector Marketing Corporation
Location South Bend, IN
Job Description

After completing Vector’s college-level sales training program, sales representatives market Cutco products under the supervision of their office manager. Their responsibilities include the following activities:

  • Presenting Cutco products for sale direct to the consumer, through preset appointments.
  • Filling and submitting customer orders.
  • Identifying potential customers through personal referral and lead generation.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Reviewing personal performance with the local office manager at weekly meetings.
  • Attending advanced training workshops and conferences on personal sales techniques, consumer behavior, time management, and effective communication.

The sales representative sets his/her schedule, which generally demands from 10-20 hours per week.

Over the course of a semester or summer a Vector, Sales Representative will develop an understanding of the following concepts and the ability to apply these concepts in practical situations.

  • Introduction to and practice with the concepts of the sales cycle, including building rapport, identifying a specific problem or need, presenting the features and benefits of a product solution, comparing solution to similar brands, presenting a choice of purchasing options, giving a reason to buy now.
  • Introduction to and practice with the concepts of negotiating, including identifying and answering objections, using promotions, dropping down, and closing strategies.
  • Introduction to and practice with the elementary concepts of consumer behavior as they relate to referrals and lead generation, as well as the techniques for using references.
  • Personal experience with the process of performance review and critique, with a focus on taking management direction, self-evaluation, and setting time bound goals and objectives.
  • Mastery of and practice with administrative functions including order submission, time management, and record keeping within corporate policies and expectations.
How to apply

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