Gmail and Calendar Migration Information

When will the migration occur?

The switchover date is July 28. At 7 a.m. on Monday, July 28 we will throw the switch and Zimbra will no longer be available and you will begin using your GC Gmail and Google Calendar.  On July 28th you will be able to access your GC Gmail and Google calendar by going to See below for more details on how to log in. Note: Users with a lot of email may see older email slowly appearing over the course of a week following the switch over date. And, because the daily synchronization process for new email is time-consuming for our nearly 2,000 accounts, any email that comes in between Sunday, July 27 and 7 a.m. Monday, July 28 may take up to a day to appear in your new GMail account.

Next Steps for employees: Gmail and Calendar training

The Help Desk will be offering in depth GMail and Calendar training July 21, 23, 25, and August 11 and 20. Prior to these training sessions, we are asking that everyone begin learning GMail and Google Calendar now by taking a short online training course and quiz. The course contains a series of training videos for you to watch. Upon completion of watching the videos, there will be a short quiz at the bottom of the course that you will need to take. Upon successfully passing the quiz (which you can repeat until getting at least 80% correct), you will be given a link to a Google spreadsheet where you can sign up for one of eight in depth training sessions that will be offered.  You can access this Moodle course now by logging in at and then clicking on the “Google Mail/Calendar Training” course.

Migration details you should know

  • all email messages in Zimbra will be migrated into your GC GMail account
  • all calendar entries in Zimbra will be migrated into your GC Google Calendar
  • repeating calendar events will appear in your Google Calendar, however they will no longer be linked together. If you need to modify all instances of the repeating event, you will need to modify each instance separately.
  • ***Special Note About Future Zimbra Calendar Entries***
    ITS has discovered that when Zimbra calendar appointments that have invited attendees and invited rooms are imported into Google Calendar, if the owner of the appointment needs to make a change, Google Calendar WON’T update that change on the attendee’s or room’s calendars in Google. Because of this problem, we are asking that you not place any calendar appointments in Zimbra beyond July 27th where you need to invite attendees or rooms. Please wait until we migrate everyone over to Google on July 28th, and then you can enter in future calendar reservations with invited attendees and rooms into Google Calendar. If you already have future appointments in Zimbra that have invited attendees or rooms, please delete them in Zimbra and wait to recreate them in Google Calendar until after the migration.
  • all address book entries in Zimbra will be migrated into Google Contacts
  • all tasks in Zimbra will be migrated into Google Tasks. But it is recommended that you check these for accuracy once they are migrated over.
  • any items in Zimbra Briefcase WILL NOT be migrated over. If you have content in Zimbra Briefcase you will need to save those files to your M:\MyDocuments folder for future reference. You will need to do this BEFORE July 28th.  Instructions can be found at
  • any email filters that you have WILL NOT be migrated over. You will need to recreate your mail filters in Gmail.
  • mail and calendar on devices – On Monday, July 28th you will need to connect your devices up to your new Gmail and Calendar account.  We will send out an email and Communicator announcement about this on the 28th.

Logging into your Goshen Google account

On July 28th you will be able to access your GC Gmail and Google calendar by going to (You can also get to this login page by using the “Google Apps at GC” link on the MyGC page.)
To log in:

  • Click on the Login button, and then signing in with your GC email address (including the
  • The Mail link in the upper right corner will take you to Gmail.
  • To get to Calendar, or any other Google application (Drive, etc.) click on the App Picker grid (the small grey grid) that is located in the upper right corner.

*Note that if you have a personal Gmail account (or a Google account through your Internet service provider), you will need to sign out of that Google account before signing in to your GC account.  For more information on how to do this, click here to see the support article.

Google Drive:  You already have it!

Later in the year we will be migrating from GCFile to Google Drive. However, you can begin using Google Drive now to “test the waters” and get familiar with its features, even before we migrate! We only ask that you not import any files from GCFile to your Google Drive account because later in the year when we migrate everyone’s files from GCFile to Google you would end up with duplicate files. But, you can create new files, and also share them with others who need to work collaboratively with you.

Additional Training Resources

There are a number of ways to learn more about Google Apps.

A special note about Google Apps vs. Microsoft apps. We will not be abandoning our Microsoft apps.  You can continue to use the Microsoft products that are installed on an office computer or lab computer. In the employee training sessions we will address Microsoft applications vs. Google apps, and talk about best practices for saving and editing Microsoft files in your Google Drive.

If you have any questions, please direct all inquires to the Help Desk by:

  1. visiting our Google page at
  2. calling 574-535-7700
  3. or sending an email to