GC Fact Book

The fact book contains basic information on:

  • Admission & Financial Aid
  • Enrollment
  • Academic Programs
  • Employees
  • Student Life
  • Finance
  • Development & Alumni

Online Fact Book

During 2011-12, the Institutional Research Office made the transition to a dynamic, online Fact Book that provides up-to-date, live information. This work dramatically reduced the amount of time required to publish and update the Fact Book, and will ultimately further improve the accuracy and reliability of the data. These changes also inject opportunity for error (usually human, but sometimes error driven by unanticipated consequences in the changes we’ve made). As such, we note that this publication is best interpreted as a preliminary collection of statistics. We believe that “inspected data are respected data,” which is our invitation for you to explore the pages of the publication with critical eyes. Forward your questions and suggestions to us at ir@goshen.edu, as we welcome them!

Members of the GC community can log in to access an online, up-to-date, live fact book:

Access the Preliminary Online Fact Book

Download the Print/PDF Fact Book

PDF GC 2013 Fact Book