2013 Graduates: Breaking Statistics, Creating Leaders

CITL 2013 graduating family

On April 28th, 2013, 11 students from our CITL Leadership Program, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Goshen College. Each one of these students have a promising future ahead in various different fields. We look forward to seeing all that they will accomplish!



 We are proud of you Class of 2013! 

CITL female graduates pose for a group picture.

CITL male graduates pose for a group picture.

2013 CITL graduates…

COscar Amaro-Renteria
B.A., Biology

Yvette C. Cardenas
B.A., Nursing

Lizzy Diaz
B.A., Sociology

Marlette Gomez
B.A., Social Work

Isacc K. Hernandez
B.A., Interdisciplinary: Social Work, Sociology, Broadcasting

Jair  Abraham Hernandez Carillo
B.A., Business

Jaqueline Martinez
B.A., Interdisciplinary: Biology, English, Spanish

Sonia G. Navarro
B.A., Business

Octavio Parral
B.A., Elementary Education, English

Samuel Rosario González
B.A., Broadcasting, Theater

Cecily Desiree Valdez
B.A., Nursing