• Student created Goshen College App now in App Store

      Clayton Pelfrey, a senior informatics major from Middlebury, IN, developed an iPad App about Goshen College. The App has been used by students on Campus the last two years. It was recently added to the App store, which allows none students to use the App as well.

    • Goshen College adds Computer Science Major

      In response to demand from current and prospective students, Goshen will be adding a Computer Science major starting in the Fall of 2014.  While Goshen College’s Informatics program allowed students to develop computer skills related to applications in five cognate areas, some students desired a more theoretical degree focused on Computer Programming.  To meet the […]

    • Goshen College adds Information Technology Major

      Starting in the Fall of 2014 Goshen College students will be able to major in Information Technology. This a major crafted to give the students the skills that local employers indicated they wanted new computer graduates to have. The major provides students a solid foundation in computer programming as well as courses in business and communication.

    • Informatics students participate in Electronics show

      A number of Informatics students participated in the biannual Goshen College electronics/robotics show.Some of the project informatics students worked on included: a radio-controlled quadrotor helicopter with a claw, a self-driving car, and a robotic arm that mimicked hand movements. The showed is part of electronics course offered by the physics department. Photos and video.

  • Interested in computers, but not sure how to apply it to a career? Take a look at Goshen’s Informatics programs. Here, you’ll use your computer skills to solve problems in the fields of biology, business, mathematics, peace studies, communication, or social justice providing.  In GC’s Informatics programs students work with new and interesting technologies, like the iPad. Degrees in informatics can lead to careers in:

    • Business analysis
    • Project management
    • Biostatistics
    • Molecular modeling
    • Graphic design
    • Information architecture
    • Climate change modeling
    • Software engineering
  • Major in Informatics / Minor in Informatics
    This major replaces a previous major in business information systems. Informatics students complete a core of informatics courses and also a group of additional courses in one cognate area. Upper level informatics courses apply technology solutions to problems within the student’s cognate area. The five possible cognate areas are business, media and communication, biology, mathematics, or peace, justice and conflict studies.