Below are general description of the benefits, exclusions, limitations and other provisions of the benefits for eligible Goshen College employees. Complete details of employee benefits and policies are outlined in the Staff Handbook or Administrative or Teaching Handbook.  The VP for Finance is the administrator responsible for all employee benefits.

For full plan descriptions of benefits, see the Benefit Plan Summaries. In addition,a list of benefits that outlines the benefits each category of employee is eligible for is available.

During the open enrollment period you may change health care coverage, sign up for additional benefits, decide how much of your salary you wish to set aside for health care expenses (Section 125) and more. Once open enrollment closes, you may not make changes until the following year unless there is a qualifying event, such as a spouse loss of employment. You have 30 days after a qualifying event to make any changes.



All ongoing employees working 1,000 or more hours per year are eligible to enroll in a comprehensive group dental plan. The premium paid by the employee. Dependent coverage is also available. Application must be made within 30 days of hire and coverage may normally be changed in June of each year.

See Dental Benefit Plan Summary for additional information.



Total disability – All ongoing full-time employees are eligible to participate after 12 consecutive months of full-time service. It is the responsibility of the employee to fill out proper application forms in the Human Resources office. The plan, with few exceptions, provides benefits after three consecutive months of disability from injury or illness. Together with Social Security and/or worker’s compensation, the benefits approximate 60 percent of one’s normal salary during total disability until one reaches age 65. The plan also provides continued payments into the retirement program during such disability so that the disability does not impair retirement benefits. Employees may use accumulated sick leave to cover the first three months of disability.

For more details, see the Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage Plan.


An EAP through Lincoln Financial Group’s Employee Connect is available to employees and family members to provide support for a variety of issues including: stress, anxiety, depression, family and marital issues, problem solving, drug and alcohol issues, dependent and adult care services, workplace concerns, legal issues, and financial questions and issues.  24/7 telephone access and up to 4 sessions with a professional counselor are available.


Eligibility – All ongoing employees working .75 FTE or more. Spouse and dependent children through age 25 (employee pays a portion of the cost) of eligible employees. Health insurance coverage begins with a signed application at the beginning of employment. Application must be made within the first 30 days of employment. The plan year is July 1 – June 30.

Plan Highlights – A comprehensive Preferred Provider Organization plan is available with national and some international provider coverage. Specific details are given in the plan documents in the Human Resources Office or in the Benefit Plan Summaries.

Doctors (“CQM” is ID Prefix)


Administrative faculty, professional staff and staff have the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (two days)
  • Easter (one day)
  • Memorial Day (one day)
  • Independence Day (one day)
  • Labor Day (one day)
  • Thanksgiving (two days)
  • Christmas (three days)

If a holiday occurs when school is in session and the employee is at work, it is considered a floating holiday and may be used at another time. The holidays for 2014-15 are July 4, September 1, November 27-28, December 25,26 and 29, December 31, January 1, April 3, and May 25.


All full-time employees are included in the plan upon date of employment and completion of application. The college will pay the full premium for the plan, which offers coverage for full-time employees. The value of coverage for each individual covered is 1.5 times gross salary to a $100,000 maximum. This amount is reduced after age 65.

Accidental death and dismemberment – All ongoing employees working half-time (1,000 hours) or more are eligible. Upon signed applications, insurance valued at 1.5 times gross salary up to $100,000 maximum is provided against accidental death. A lesser amount is provided for faculty and staff dismembered in an accident. See the AD&D coverage policy for details.


Memos of Understanding are issued to teaching faculty based on a 42-week year (but paid over 12 months); administrative faculty, professional staff and hourly staff are normally paid on a 12-month year. Payroll is paid twice each month. Direct deposit is strongly encouraged and is available to any credit union or bank. Pay stubs are posted online.


Recreation-Fitness Center membership – Goshen college offers free use of the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center (RFC) to its employees who elect to use this benefit. The cost of the use (“membership”), however, is a taxable benefit that must be reported to the IRS. Employees are not charged but taxed on the value of the membership. Family memberships may be purchased. For further details and to enroll, see the membership form.



Teachers Insurance Annuity Association (TIAA)
College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF)

Any faculty or staff member is eligible to participate provided the person has worked at GC at least half time (1,000 hours) or more for one year and is at least 21 years old. The college will begin retirement plan payments after the employee is eligible. Waiting period is waived if new employee participated in a not-for-profit organization retirement plan immediately prior to start of employment.

The Retirement Plan offers options for investment through TIAA-CREF and Mennonite Retirement Trust. Each employee decides in which funds he or she wishes to place the Goshen College contribution. Goshen College currently contributes an amount equal to 5% of employees’ regular salary. The employee may make additional contributions to a plan on a tax-deferred basis. Additional contributions are made under an agreement for salary reduction at the time of eligibility for participation in the basic retirement plan or at any time thereafter. Increases or decreases in the amount to be deferred may be made several times per year. Since this plan is voluntary, the participant can discontinue at any time. Employees may elect to use both TIAA CREF and MRT for their retirement savings but may not divide contributions of the college contribution or salary reduction between them.

TIAA-CREF website
TIAA-CREF College Contribution Plan Summary
TIAA-CREF Employee Contribution Plan Summary
Mennonite Retirement Trust plan description


All ongoing employees working half-time time (1,000 hours) or more are eligible. Employees are permitted to use pretax dollars for health and dental insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses, dental and optical expenses and dependent-care costs. Election of eligible expenses is made at the time of employment and the annual benefit open enrollment period. It is the responsibility of the employee to fill out proper application forms in the Human Resources Office. For more information, see the plan description on the benefits plan summary page.


Full-time employees earn sick pay at the rate of one day per month (4 hours per pay) with a maximum of 100 days accumulation. Sick leave is intended primarily to recover the loss of income due to actual illness, but it may be applied to personal and immediate family doctor and dental appointments and absence for emergency care of an immediate family member (dependent child, spouse or dependent parent), if other arrangements are impossible. It also may be applied to maternity/paternity leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Part-time employees earn pro-rated sick leave hours.


Supplemental insurance products are offered to employees through AFLAC for cancer, accident, and specified health (includes heart, stroke, and other illnesses). Family members can be included. The employee is responsible for the premium, and various levels of coverage are available. For more information, contact AFLAC representative Cheryl Miller, 574-536-9410.


Participation is a condition of employment through payroll deduction for all employees, except ordained ministers in the exercise of their ministry whose participation is on a “self-employed” basis. The college contributes an amount equal to employee contributions for these “self-employed” employees. In addition to retirement benefits, this program provides survivor and disability benefits.


Professional improvement – All full-time teaching faculty are eligible for a $500 annual professional allowance. Part-time (.5-.749 FTE) receive a pro-rated allowance.

Sabbatical – All full-time teaching faculty are eligible to apply for a sabbatical leave after 10 years of employment. The Academic Dean’s office approves all sabbatical leaves. There is a limit on the number of sabbaticals granted each year. The teacher may choose one of the following two plans: (a) one semester on full pay, or (b) nine months on two-thirds pay.  Administrative faculty and staff are not eligible for sabbatical leave.


Employee eligibility

Employee spouse and dependent children under 25 are eligible if the employee works one-half time or more. Full-time employees (defined as 75 percent employment or greater) receive full tuition-discount benefits; part-time employees (employed 50 percent to 74 percent) receive a pro-rata share of tuition discounts. Employees are eligible to take up to two classes per semester at 100 percent tuition discount, if work schedule permits and the supervisor approves. Discounts for classes in the Adult Programs are pro-rated on a different schedule.

Employee spouse eligibility

Employee spouses are eligible for a 75 percent tuition discount during the first two years of employment and a 100 percent discount beginning the third year.

Employee dependent children eligibility

Dependent children are eligible for a 50 percent tuition discount during the first two years of employment and a 75 percent discount beginning the third year.

Part-time employee eligibility

Tuition discount policies for part-time employees are outlined in the employee handbook and are available in the Financial aid office.

Tuition discounts

Tuition discounts are not automatic and must be applied for at the financial aid office. Undergraduate tuition discounts are nontaxable benefits. Tuition discounts are coordinated with other types of financial aid.
For more information, see the plan description on the benefit plan summary page.


Employees working half-time and above and their dependents may enroll in the Vision Service Plan (VSP) benefit. The employee is responsible for paying the premium. Benefits include discounts on annual examinations, lenses (including contact lenses), and frames. Applications are available from the Human Resources Office. For plan details, see the benefit plan summary page.

Vision Resources


Part-time employees (1/2 time to 3/4 time) – receive pro-rata time for vacation and holidays.

Each full-time staff member and administrator is eligible for paid vacation time accrued each pay, calculated according to the schedule listed below.

Year at Goshen Vacation Days Vacation Hours/Pay
1-3 10 3.34
4 13 4.34
5-10 16 5.34
11 17 5.67
12 18 6
13 19 6.34
14+ 20 6.67

Up to two years’ worth of vacation hours may be accrued in an employee’s bank of hours. Available and taken hours are listed on the most current pay stub.


Moving expenses – Persons that move from more than 50 miles to work at Goshen College will be reimbursed for a portion of those expenses. Applications for moving expense reimbursements are available from the assistant to the Academic Dean or the Director of Human Resources.

Bookstore discount – A discount of 10 percent is offered to all employees on many items in the campus bookstore.