Seeking Places of Peace

seeking places of peace

Steven M. Nolt is a professor of History at Goshen College and co-author with Royden Loewen of Seeking Places of Peace. A Global Mennonite History, North America (Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 2012). This book is the fifth and final volume in the Global Mennonite History Series, which is sponsored by Mennonite World Conference.

Seeking Places of Peace strives to create a comprehensive history of Mennonites in North America with a focus on people and places. The work explores how various people worked and lived in North America to express their religious devotion. Nolt and Loewen investigate the every-day lives of Mennonite men and women to illustrate their way of life.

Nolt gave a public lecture on November 13, which discussed the challenges of writing a history that sought to include the entire spectrum of Mennonite and Amish groups in North America, as well as the challenge of framing a story in North American terms, rather than those specific to Canada or United States. Read more about Steve.