Jessica Meyers ’03

Jessica worked for two years teaching beginning and advanced English to high school students in Szolnok, Hungary before coming back to the States to work for the American Journalism Review and the Spokesman-Review.  In May 2008 she graduated from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and now works on the International/National Desk for the Dallas Morning News.

“At Goshen, I learned the importance of establishing context and scouting out stories of substance.  And more and more I’m realizing the uniqueness of the ‘culture for service’ motto.  When I returned to the States and worked for the American Journalism Review and The Spokesman-Review, I found few people that held the Goshen values that propelled me most: dedication to a career that empowered others.  I still believe that to be the case.  My peers throw around their Harvard and Yale degree, but I feel I’ve had the opportunity to experience the world just as much as they have (more so in many respects via SST) and been challenged by my undergraduate studies in the same way.”