Making Awesome Things Happen

Get to know Jameson Lingl, Coordinator of Young Alumni and Student Engagement

When did you attend GC and what have you been doing since then?
I was at Goshen from 2005-2006 as a peace, justice and conflict studies major. After that, I moved to California and worked as a community organizer while I took classes in TV and film production.

How did you find your way back to Goshen after that?
My fiance got a job offer out here, after not finding work in California. And when I saw this position was open, I thought, ‘This is really similar to what I’ve been doing the last several years.’ I’m really excited to be back in Goshen. It’s a cool place, and a lot of young alumni I know are moving back.

Explain a little bit about what you do as coordinator of young alumni.
My job is a mix between fundraising and “friend-raising.” I’m meeting with people who have graduated within the last 10 years and helping connect them to the college and to other alumni. I think it’s important for young alumni to continue building a sense of community outside of college and into their adult life.

Why is it important for young alums to stay connected?
Say a new student graduates and is moving to Washington, D.C. (or any other place, really). There are other Goshen alums who are there who can help them find a job, an apartment and friends while they’re getting settled in. A lot of times, alums are already doing this all over the country, but I think it’s a good thing if we can help support ongoing community building.

What are some things that you are planning to do to help support alumni networking?
I’d like to find ways to facilitate networking between young alumni and create regional networks in areas where young alumni move to work and live.

If any young alumni have any ideas or want to host a young alumni event, they should get in touch with me and we will try to make something awesome happen! Contact me at (574) 535-7833 or at