GC Event Calendar and Zimbra

For help using Zimbra Calendar and E-mail see ITS' Zimbra help site at goshen.edu/zimbra.

Coming in the summer of 2009: Goshen College students, faculty, and staff will be using the Zimbra Collaboration Suite which includes a calendar.

GC faculty / staff / students can easily add events from the GC Web Calendar to their personal Zimbra calendars with just a few clicks::

E-mail details from a single event

While browsing the GC Web Calendar, you may click on any event to bring up more details about a particular event.  On that page there is an "E-MAIL" link.



Click the E-MAIL link and fill out the resulting form.  An e-mail will be sent that has an i-cal formatted attachment with event details.

If the person you sent it to (perhaps yourself!) views the resulting e-mail using the Zimbra e-mail client, the screen will look like this.  A single click on the "ACCEPT" link adds the event to your calendar.

receiving the e-mail


(The results are similar for gmail users who use a google calendar...).



Add a single event directly to your Zimbra calendar

The e-mail method above depends on you using Zimbra to check your e-mail.  But you can add events directly to your own Zimbra calendar without ever using the Zimbra e-mail client like this:

While browsing the GC Web Calendar, clicking any event pulls up details about a particular event.  That page has a Zimbra icon labelled "LOGIN":


Following that "LOGIN" link, and logging in through CAS returns you to the event, and the text changes to prod you to  now "ADD" the event

Click that 'ADD' link and you should (hopefully) get a response that indicates the event was added successfully to your Zimbra calendar:

Now, you may browse the calendar further, and add as many additional events as you like, without needing to "login" again.


Trouble-shooting:  Every GC user initially has a calendar named "Calendar", and that is the one that the event will be added to.  If you have, for some reason, deleted the one named "Calendar", this will not work.  The solution is to create a new calendar named "Calendar".


Subscribe to a GC Event Calendar category (feed) with your Zimbra calendar

Unlike the techniques described above, subscribing to a calendar feed has the advantage that if times, places, or other details about an event change, those changes will be reflected within your Zimbra calendar.  It's also easier to add, say, all the chapels and convos, or all 'music' events to your Zimbra calendar this way, rather than adding them one-by-one.

Here's how to subscribe to the "calendar feed" for a whole category of GC events.

  1. On the GC event calendar (goshen.edu/calendar), click on the "Subscribe / Export" link at the lower left:
    Subscribe / Export

  2. On the subscribe/export calendar feeds page, you'll need to copy the URL of a calendar feed.  In Firefox you can right-click on the "WebCal" link corresponding to the event category you're interested in, and then choose "copy link location" to copy the URL.

    (You should know that many of the events at GC may be cross-listed in more than one category.)

    Right click to copy the URL of the feed.

  3. Now, login in to zimbra (zimbra.goshen.edu) and switch to the Calendar.

    Click the "New Calendar" link, and a dialog box like the one below will pop up.

    Fill in a name for the calendar....
    *  Unless you know that you'll be attending all the events, you should probably check "Exclude when reporting Free/Busy ...": otherwise, GC folks will see all the time blocks for the events on this calendar as busy - that is, unavailable for scheduling. 
    Check "Synchronize appointments from remote...."
    *  and paste in the URL that you copied (above) into the URL box which appears.

    Adding a new calendar

Click OK, and you're done!

Refreshing your calendars

What if the time of an event at Goshen College changes, or the event has been cancelled after you've "subscribed" to a GC calendar?  GC re-publishes all calendar feeds once a day with the latest information about all GC events.

You don't have to re-subscribe to a calendar to get the latest on GC events.  Zimbra stores the address of the calendar feed, and you can tell Zimbra to re-read the current calendar information at any time like this:

You can update an individual calendar in the Zimbra web client by right-clicking on it, and choosing "Reload".

Or, click the indicated "Refresh" button to reload all of your calendars.


Refreshing calendars



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