Broadside Archives

The Year of Not Dancing, by C.L. Dallat, from The Year of Not Dancing (Blackstaff Press, 2009)

Novgorod Sidings, by Anne-Marie Fyfe, from Understudies: New & Selected Poems (Seren Books, 2010)

Exposure, by Jess Sprunger

Who Sings of Peace is My Kind of Child, by Maddie Gerig

Life Makes Me Itch and Gag, by Emma Gerig

Gold, by Kate Stoltzfus

I’ll Catch You Up, by Todd Davis

Confessional, by Mary Roth

Ya Basta, by Cora Broaddus

Rae, by Hayley Brooks

Excerpt from Elsewhere, California, by Dana Johnson

The Art of a Fall, by Kate Stoltzfus

Remains/After Teatime, by Sara Klassen

Untitled, by Kate Yoder

My Smokescreen Inheritance, by Abby Hertzler

Heat Syncope, by Luis Urrea

Heritage, by Jamie Parker

Potion, by Ted Maust

Family Room, by Lavonne Shetler

Elegy, by Peter Fallon

Yehuda Amichai In Late November, by Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Canary, by Phil Stoesz

Trapped, by Brian O’Leary

The Pen, by Kim Short

Piping, by Haven Kimmel

Martyr, by Ann Hostetler

City song, by Lewis Caskey

Creator God, by Linea Geiser

Courage, by Lisa Perkins

Moving Out, by Sandra Gilbert

The Midnight, by Jacob Schlabach

Garbage Morning, by Sarah Rich

Untitled, by Abe Pauls

There didn’t seem to be a way out, by Michael Miller, illustrated by Hannah Sandvold

Chicken Crossing, by Laura Nimigan

Firefly Graveyard, by Daniel Vader

Tabasco the Bull, by Ben Jacobs

Mixed Messages, by M. Letsch