Here’s what others are saying about
the Teacher Education programs at GC

What principals say about our graduates:

“Has a positive attitude and it shows in willingness to learn. Prepared to teach and be reflective.”

“Due to learning at GC she has been very prepared and strong, a true growth mindset. Very prepared to teach, even in terms of our TAP rubric!”

“I have been very pleased and impressed with the preparedness of the education majors from Goshen.”

What local school teachers who have worked with our student teachers say about the Goshen College Education Program:

“Students are well prepared academically with a strong foundation in education knowledge – but also come with a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation in working with students.”

“Goshen College’s student teaching program prepares its students with current knowledge of best practice in the art of teaching as well as strong content area knowledge. Students are well informed but also well supported in their areas of need. Communication and supportive collaboration are strengths.”

“I truly believe the students who come out of the Goshen College education program are prepared for today’s instruction and working with today’s youth. They are strong candidates who feel confident in their novice teaching practices and furthermore have a willingness to learn and soak up as much as they can in the short three months that they are with us. Their eagerness and motivation is exciting to see.”

What our graduates say about the Goshen College Education Program:

“Excellent professors, meaningful discussion.”

“The practical field experience that I received gave me opportunities to implement what I learned. This helped prepare me to teach. The majority of my education was hands on and gave me specific strategies/tools that I could implement in the classroom.”

“GC prepared me very well for working with a wide range of students and helping me think about developing lessons that all students would understand.”

“I feel like GC did a great job at impressing upon me the importance of good planning. Perhaps that’s why I still find it challenging, because it’s something I’m unwilling to forgo since I believe it’s so important.”

“I think Goshen prepared me well for planning lessons and staying organized throughout this. I learned a variety of techniques and ways to assess students as well that didn’t always involve a written test. Goshen taught me to work well with peers and to know that it is always okay to reach out for help in any situation.”

“I feel very prepared to enter a classroom confidently.”

“I feel that I graduated with more than enough knowledge to become a professional educator. I have friends who have graduated from other small liberal arts colleges like Goshen and they lack confidence and knowledge about differentiated instruction/assessments. Thanks, GC!”