Goshen College was named both the Television School of the Year and the Radio School of the Year for 2012 by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters. This is the first time that a school in the state won both awards in the same year.

Winners in the College Radio category included: Benjamin Kelly, third place, Radio Sportscast and Radio Play-by-Play; Jimmy Cassoday, second place, Radio Imaging, and third place, Radio Air Personality; Danielle Kerschhackl, third place, Radio News Re­port and Radio Newscast; Summer Hasan, first place, Radio Copywriting; and Kelsey Morris, first place, Radio Air Personality.

Winners in the College Television category included: Yolo Lopez-Perez, first place, Television News Package; Kate Yoder, third place, Television Spot Production; Jacob Landis-Eigsti, first place, Music Video; Samuel Jones, second place, Music Video; Benjamin Kelly, second place, Television Anchor; Sammy Rosario, second place, Television Spot Production; Katie Gencay and Ben Sutter, third place, Video Maga­zine; Benjamin Kelly and Ben Sutter, second place, Non-News Program; and Daniel Penner and Mikhail Bekhterev, third place, Corporate Video.

The Globe staff also had an impressive showing at the 72nd annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference and awards ceremony in New York City in March.

The weekend event consisted of panels and workshops and then the big draw, the awards ceremony. The station was nomi­nated for 15 awards this year after enjoying a year as Best Station in the Nation.

The team did not come away from the conference with a second consecutive win, but it did receive top honors in four catego­ries.

Goshen received more trophies than any other college in the nation. First place recognition went to Kelsey Morris, with Best Station Promotional Event; Benjamin Kelly, with Best Sports Talk Show; Trisha Handrich, with Best Live Show; and to the entire station for Best Use of Social Media.

The Goshen team came away from the conference with a deeper appreciation for the benefits they enjoy as students at a small school, said Summer Hasan, the student station manager.

“There is no doubt that a GC broadcast­ing student is more experienced than those at larger schools,” Hasan said. “Many schools have hundreds of DJs searching for airtime, which means that a student may get one shift every two to three weeks. Compare that to Kelsey’s morning show, which airs every weekday from 6 to 9 a.m.”

In talking with students from other schools, it was especially apparent that Gos­hen’s small size is no indicator of the amount of coverage it can provide. Kelly, whose con­tributions to the sports department earned him nominations for four awards, said, “In the WGCS sports department we have the chance to broadcast upwards of 120 high school and Goshen College athletic events throughout an academic school year. Schools that attended the conference said they were lucky to get five games a year on the air.”

Morris and Kelly also traveled to Las Vegas in April to receive awards from the Broadcast Education Association. Morris won first-place for Best On-Air Radio Talent and Kelly, third-place for Sports Reporting.