Recent projects involved collaboration with colleagues at Goshen College’s Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning. We have examined Latino high school students’ experiences regarding college preparation and educational aspirations. While Latino students report experiences similar to non-Latino students with respect to accessibility of information and expectations from teachers, family, and school staff, current trends regarding gender in the literature are supported.

My current research interests include students’ academic motivation and attributional styles in the classroom.



Current Courses

Developmental Psychology  
A study of developmental processes across the life span. Physical, social and cognitive changes provide the basic organization for this course. A variety of developmental theories will be examined including Piaget, Vygotsky, Erickson, social learning and psychodynamic. Current research and an understanding of how to think about developmental processes will be emphasized.

Abnormal Psychology
A study of the variety of psychological disorders as classified by the DSM system. Issues related to classification will be discussed. A biopsychosocial model will be assumed when discussing etiology and treatment. Since this is primarily a descriptive course, considerable emphasis will be placed on case studies. At the conclusion of the course, students will be well versed in understanding the major psychological disorders.

Educational Psychology: Elementary & Secondary  
A study of physical, cognitive, psychosocial, emotional, linguistic, moral and identity development birth through adolescence. Includes developmental theories, influence of cultural and social factors on development and school influences on children and adolescents.

Statistics & Research Methods I
A study of research methods and data analysis in psychology. Involves research on a specific problem.

Statistics & Research Methods II
Overview of multivariate statistics. Further analysis of the problem studied in Psyc 402, culminating in a written thesis and oral presentation.

Senior Internship
Internship offers opportunity to observe and participate in a supervised field learning experience in which psychological theories and concepts are employed and issues pertaining to psychology as a career can be addressed. Prerequisites: senior standing; minimum of 12 hours of upper-level psychology or consent of instructor.

Previous Courses

General Psychology
Psychological Assessment
Experimental Psychology

Future Courses

Multicultural Psychology  
A study of both the influences of culture on human behavior as well as universal characteristics all individuals share regardless of culture. This course seeks to examine how an individual?s cultural background influences behavior and thoughts and relationships. Biological, sociocultural, ecological and psychological perspectives will be examined.

Cognitive Psychology
A study of how people understand and interpret the world. Primary topics include learning, memory, decision-making, sensation/perception, and intelligence.

Zombies, Psychics & Aliens: Separating Science from Pseudoscience

Despite the advances in science and technology during the past century, it has become increasingly commonplace for people to believe in parapsychology, ESP, astrology, psychics, zombies, UFO sightings, extraterrestrial life and conspiracy theories. This course explores how scientific evidence confirms or disconfirms these pseudoscientific phenomena, ways people should evaluate weird and mysterious claims, and how people actually do form and cling to these beliefs. Scientific methodology and critical thinking will be used to evaluate the validity of claims and deepen an understanding of the scientific process.


Lectures & Presentations

Willard Noria, C., & Borkowski, J. G. (2007, August). Building Community Connections. In S. Warren (Chair), Conducting Research to Reduce Child Neglect by Enhancing Early Parenting. Symposium presented at the American Psychological Association 115th Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Landry, S., Guttentag, C., Willard Noria, C., Lanzi, R., Baggett, K., Borkowski, J., C., Carta, J., Warren, S., & Ramey, S. (2009, April).  “My Baby and Me”: A comprehensive, theory-driven parent training program. In J.J. Carta (chair), New Approaches for Advancing Parenting Interventions to Prevent Child Maltreatment Symposium conducted at the Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO.

Lanzi, R., Ramey, S., Willard Noria, C., & Ramey, C. T. (2009, April).  The Baby Home Library Project: Intensive book distribution facilitates mother-child literacy and language activities. In S. L. Ramey (chair), Effective and Diverse Strategies to Improve Early Language and Literacy Experiences: Results from 4 Randomized Controlled Trials. Symposium conducted at the Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO.

Weed, K., & Willard Noria, C., (2011, April).  Breaking the Cycle: Resilient Children with Vulnerable Adolescent Mothers. In J. R. Farris & K. Valentino (chairs), Breaking the Cycle: Developmental Pathways of Children Born to Adolescent Mothers. Symposium presented at the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, Canada.

Reyes, R. & Willard Noria, C. (2011, October). The Educational Experiences of Latino High School Students in Goshen, IN: General Educational Climate, College Readiness, and Educational Aspirations. Presented at Hispanic Leadership Luncheon, Notre Dame, IN.


Selected Publications

Willard Noria, C., Weed, K., & Keogh, D. A. (2007).  The Fate of Adolescent Mothers. In J. Borkowski, J. Farris, T. Whitman, S. Carothers, K. Weed & D. Keogh (Eds.) Risk and Resilience: Adolescent Mothers and Their Children Grow Up. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Lanzi, R. G, Guttentag, C., Baggett, K., & Willard Noria, C. (2008). Addressing Ethical and Clinical Issues in Child Maltreatment Prevention Research. International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect (ISPCAN) World Perspectives on Child Abuse Resource Book, 8th ed.

Akai, C. E., Guttentag, C. L., Baggett, K. M., Willard Noria, C., & The Centers for the Prevention of Child Neglect (2008). Enhancing Parenting Practices of At-Risk Mothers. The Journal of Primary Prevention, 29, 223-242.

Willard Noria, C., Borkowski, J. G., & Whitman, T. L. (2009). Parental influences on self-regulation and achievement in children with adolescent mothers.  European Journal of Developmental Psychology,6, 722-745. doi:10.1080/17405620801969734

Guttentag, C.L., Landry, S.H., Baggett, K.M., Noria, C.W., Borkowski, J.G., Swank, P.R., Farris, J.R., Crawford, A., Lanzi, R.G., Carta, J.J., Warren, S.F., & Ramey, S.L. (2011). “My Baby & Me”: Effects of an early, comprehensive parenting intervention on at-risk mothers and their children. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Honors & Awards

Center for Intercultural Teaching & Learning, Faculty Research Fellowship
Predoctoral Training Program in Mental Retardation Research,
NIH Training Grant #HD07184. Principal Investigators: John G. Borkowski, Ph.D. & Thomas L. Whitman, Ph.D.
John F. Santos Distinguished Student in Psychology,
University of Notre Dame