Latino Student Union Leadership Team

Maritza Chaves


Mayra Salamanca


Edgar Saucedo-Davila


Hola! I am a senior with a TESOL K-12 major here at Goshen College. Originally form Zacatecas, Mexico but have been living here in Goshen for 5 years now. I love the arts, ranging from drawing to Photography. Although that I like all kind of arts, the one that I enjoy the most is Photography. I love capturing that moment in time. To me, “Photography is a window to a still moment of time, capturing and refreshing the memory.” While I am taking my pictures I like to be listening to music. Most of the time I listen to Spanish Pop, and Rock. Like some people say, music is medicine to the soul, and for me is the medicine to my soul and my art's soul. A random fact about me is that, although I come from a traditional Mexican family (being numerous), I am the only child.

Ivette Sifuentes


Hola Hola =)

My name is Ivette. I am a third year student studying Elementary Education/Special Education. I was born in Mexico City, but moved to Elkhart, IN when I was nine. I am a very down to earth person who loves life. I love to travel and my goal is to visit every state in the U.S. as well as Mexico before I turn 30. I also want to visit every continent and quite a few countries in those continents before I die. I also love dancing, and being silly with my friends when we chill.

Cecily Valdez


Hola! You can call me Cecy. I am a second year, nursing major from Elkhart, IN. I am also involved with CITL and Made to Worship on GC campus. I love to watch fútbol … FC Barcelona, Rayados de Monterrey, la Selección de México, y la Selección de España are my favorites! I love to listen to popopera music (Il Divo and Josh Groban), watch The Cake Boss on TLC, and read books such as Harry Potter. A random fact about me is that I have 27 aunts and uncles, about 57 first cousins and a little over 40 second cousins (I have honestly lost count long ago with the cousins … but I am blessed to have such a large extended family).

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