ResLife-Official-Logo-(Website)Housing Options for 2014-2015:

Important Housing Overview

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  • Small Group Housing applications will be accepted from February 19th – March 17th, 2014.
  • Student Apartment applications will be accepted beginning March 24 – March 31, 2014 until full occupancy. Students graduating high school 2010 or before will be given priority in the first three days of the application process.
  • Kratz, Yoder and Kulp Hall: Plan to participate in room sign up on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 10:00PM in AD28. A lottery system will determine the order of selection as each student will draw a number that night.
  • Please Note: Fall 2014 SST Students or anyone not on campus for fall semester seeking a room in Kratz, Yoder, or Kulp Hall for Spring Semester will not need to attend room sign-up on April 8th. You will instead make your housing reservations in October/November via correspondence. You may also arrange your housing prior to leaving for SST in September with the Director of Residence Life. 


Kratz, Yoder, and Kulp Residence Halls


  • Students must purchase at the minimum, the 14 Meal Plan.
  • Make a $50 housing deposit prior to room sign up. (Includes KULP ONE)
  • Eligible students for Kulp must have graduated from high school at least two years prior to the start of the first day of classes.
  • Compliance with our Community Standards and Residence Life living policies.
  • Participate in room sign up on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 10PM in AD28.


Introducing KULP ONE, a brand new living option for students seeking a 24/7 quiet living space for 2014-2015. KULP ONE is comprised of five double-single rooms for women in a the Kulp West living space and three double-single rooms for men in the Kulp North living space. The purpose of KULP ONE is to provide a private single-room for  junior and senior students who’s primary focus is academics and self-preservation. KULP ONE features a public kitchen space with a community refrigerator, stove, and microwave oven. Students living on KULP ONE will also enjoy a quiet lounge space and a large public restroom complete with multiple sinks and showers. KULP ONE is not designed to be a group living space, however, students living there will need to work together to manage public areas of the living space. You can sign-up for KULP ONE by participating in the lottery on Room Sign Up Night (Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 10PM in AD28). The expectations for living in KULP ONE include the following:

  • 24/7 Quiet Hours
  • Visitation Hours: Students of the opposite sex are not permitted to stay overnight.
  • Stereos, Television, Etc. are permitted with the expectation that students will utilize headphones.
  • Lounge and Kitchen Space will be managed and cleaned by residents.
  • There is a required $250 per semester fee for KULP ONE double-single rooms.
  • A Contact Person from each KULP ONE unit will be designated and report concerns related to the living space to the Director of Residence Life on a monthly basis.
  • Students not honoring KULP ONE as it was intended will be asked to relocate to an alternative housing assignment.

At room selection you will be asked to demonstrate your commitment to live in harmony with the Community Standards, by signing the following statement:

Goshen College is a Christ-centered college emphasizing the development of a strong and mature Christian faith and a commitment to the church. You are part of the Christian faith as it is held and lived by our faculty and the majority of Goshen students. Goshen College is rooted in the Mennonite church, one of the historic peace churches. Goshen College maintains standards for behavior, which contribute to a strong campus community. Students from different backgrounds may have different values, but the Goshen College community expects a lifestyle that excludes use of alcohol, use or possession of non-medicinal drugs, use of tobacco, use and/or possession of firearms or fireworks, and premarital sex. Racism and discrimination are not tolerated. All students are expected to live in accordance with the “Goshen College Commitment to Community Standards.”

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Small Group Housing

Small Group Housing Guidelines

  • All students applying for Small Group Housing must submit a $200 housing deposit before the application deadline.
  • By the start of the Fall semester, students who have completed 2 years since high school graduation are eligible to apply.
  • Selections are made on the basis of the group’s application and capacity. The Director of Residence Life along with the Assistant Directors will review each application and make assignments based on several criteria.
  • Groups must maintain minimum capacity to retain the housing unit. If a group falls below minimum capacity each group member may forfeit the deposit money.
  • Deadline for finding replacements for unexpected departed group members for spring semester is December 1st.
  • The residence life team reserves the right to deny any or all applications for small group housing in order to maintain essentially full occupancy in campus student halls.
  • If not studying on campus for spring semester please follow these procedures.
  • Group members must purchase at the minimum the 80 Block Meal Plan. Groups are encouraged to prepare and eat at least one meal together a week.
  • A contact person from the group will serve as a communication link between the small group and the director. See the contact person job description for details.


Student Apartments

Student Apartment Selection Guidelines:

  • All students applying for a Student Apartment must submit a $200 housing deposit before the application deadline.
  • By start of Fall semester, must have completed 2 years since high school graduation.
  • Selection process gives priority to students in this order: documented ADA accommodations, years since high school.
  • Your apartment group must meet the capacity for the apartment in which you are applying for. For example, if the apartment is designed for 4-students, then you must have a minimum of 4-students in your group. We do make concessions for student groups where SST, GC academic programs, or early graduation affects capacity for one semester. If one of the aforementioned programs affects your group’s capacity you may still apply for an apartment provided there is only one-person missing from your group for either fall or spring semester. You will not be allowed to apply for a student apartment without meeting the minimum apartment capacity when all students in your group are on campus for both semesters.
  • If you can’t meet capacity at the start of apartment sign-up you will need to select an alternative housing assignment. You may also opt to pay a premium rate for the additional space of $500 (per resident) a semester. This would guarantee you an apartment with no expectations to add additional residents provided the apartment remains at 2/3 capacities. Please note all two-person apartments must be at capacity for both spring/fall semesters to be eligible.