Resident Leader Job Description

  1. Provide leadership for the residence hall unit.
    • Arrive early at the beginning of each semester to welcome floor members and check people into rooms.
    • Stay until floor members have gone at the end of each semester or May term to say good-bye and check people out of rooms.
    • Promote social interaction between Jr/Sr floors and residents.
    • Lead floor meetings as necessary to transmit information and policy from the Student Life office to floor members.
    • Support the “GC Commitment to Community Standards” on hall floors and enforce college policies.
    • Report problems with the physical facilities and help to maintain an attractive and safe environment.
  2. Establish relationships with residents of your unit.
    • E-mail in early August to all transfer students on your floor. Welcome them and begin to orient them before they arrive.
    • Learn to know each floor member.
    • Be a friend and advocate.
    • Assist in identification and referral of students to appropriate on-campus resources.
    • Be a role model in both your on-campus and off-campus behavior.
  3. Participate in staff in-service training and team-building activities.
    • Attend the fall Student Life retreat and condensed residence hall staff orientation prior to the arrival of other students on campus.
    • Participate in bi-weekly meetings including (individual and/or group) with your RD.
    • Establish and maintain regular contact with other staff persons in your residence hall to develop a leadership team.
    • Participate in any other in-service training sessions scheduled throughout the year. Failure to participate will result in deduction of hours.
    • Position contract is for Fall and Spring semesters unless previously arranged.

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