Support groups

Contact the Director of Counseling Services if you have interest in participating in any of these groups or to find out more information.


This support group is available to provide an environment in which lesbian, gay and bisexual students may discuss issues and questions relevant to them as people of faith. This acknowledges that sexual identity (as distinct from sexual activity) is an integral part of a person’s individual and spiritual sense of self. As with other support groups meeting in anonymity and safety, and promoting healthy personal growth, these conversations will remain confidential. For more information, email

Depression support group

Sexual abuse support group

A safe place where persons who are in the process of recovery from sexual abuse can support one another. Persons attending can expect confidentiality and an environment where each person is accepted regardless of experiences or feelings. The group is open to men and women.

Grief support group

For more information about the Grief Support Group visit the the Campus Ministries Web site.

Anxiety support group