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Showalter_Lynette14Lynette Showalter, LCSW
Conrad Showalter, LMFT

Ph: (574) 535-7474
Fax: (574) 535-7195

Location: Wellness & Health Center of the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center (RFC).

Email Nelda Johnson or call 574-535-7474 to schedule an appointment, ask questions or to speak to a campus counselor.


Hours: 8 a.m. -12 and 1-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

In case of a mental health emergency after office hours: contact the On Call Resident Director (574-535-6273) or the Student Life Office (574-535-7543). If a student is non-responsive, call 911. Campus security is also available for assistance (574-535-7599).

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Resources and services

Individual and couples counseling – Professional, short-term, on-campus counseling services are available to students on a free and confidential basis.

Support groups – The Campus Counselor coordinates various student support groups throughout the year.

Recommendations for students with a history of mental health concerns – Workshops, convocations, in-services and online resources are also provided by the Counseling office.

How faculty can identify and help a student exhibiting mental health symptoms – This article may assist faculty members in determining how and when to refer a student to the Counseling Office.

Parent resources – Having your child begin his or her college career can be a stressful experience for parents, especially if your son or daughter hasn’t lived away from home before.

Sexuality Packet– a packet of informational material to promote a healthy Goshen College community covering topics such as:

  • If you are sexually assaulted
  • Acquaintance rape prevention
  • Date rape
  • What men can do to stop rape
  • Policy & procedures on sexual harassment
  • Self defense & personal safety
  • Alcohol & sexual decision making
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Make an appointment with the counselor to talk about dating and relationships.

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Challenging Stigma

Purplefaze: When you’re worried about friends drinking or drugging – This is the PowerPoint presentation from the February 6th, 2006 Convocation of the same name. This addresses concerns for friends of people who are challenged with abusive use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Clicking on this link will download the file.

A Student’s Story – one student’s story about experiencing General Anxiety Disorder and how she chose to respond.

The Challenge of Stigma – three articles by Melodie Davis of Another Way – the Third Way Cafe. Take a look at these up-close and personal stories of living with mental illness.

Shadow Voices: finding hope in mental illness -
fighting the stigma… working for recovery… finding hope.
This website is an extension of the Shadow Voices documentary – with additional interviews, stories, comments and resources. This website is especially helpful for those who:

  • have a family member with a mental illness
  • are pastors, social workers, police officers, or any others who encounter people with mental illnesses in their work
  • wish to be more aware of how to be a support those with mental illnesses, whether that is a neighbor or a member of your church
  • are students doing research on mental illness
  • are interested in reading incredible stories of courage as people do the hard work of living with and recovering from mental illness
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Internet Resources – Online screening. Visit this site to see if you may suffer from a clinical form of depression or anxiety. You may then choose to schedule an appointment at the Counseling Office to go over your results.

Safety on Communal Websites – Some excellent tips from Texas Woman’s University on safe participation at sites like MySpace and Facebook. – the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information.

The National Center for Victims provides information on sexual assault.

Remuda Ranch – Information on eating disorders. – good information on anxiety disorders for college students – Pornography accountability and filtering options. – Pornography education and online assessments. – Pornography education from a Christian perspective.

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