Why study business at Goshen College?

Business within a liberal arts context provides a strong foundation for succeeding in today's complex and multi-disciplinary business environment. As part of a Christ-centered college, the business department models a community of faith and learning by incorporating lessons of ethics and sustainability in all aspects of the business education process. Students are encouraged to question, research, and explore the impact of business decisions on all stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, the community and the environment.

Learning by doing

The business department faculty bring real-world business experience to the classroom. In addition to academic backgrounds in business, the faculty have significant experience working in the business world. Some faculty members have started their own businesses, others have worked internationally,and all bring the business world into the classroom. Having opportunities to integrate classroom learning with real business experiences is a critical part of business education. Here are some examples:

  • Students in the Management Policy and Social Responsibility class, taught by Jerrell Ross Richer, have partnered with a local commercial truck dealership to measure the effectiveness and financial viability of several environmental initiatives being considered by the company.
  • The Individual Tax class, taught by Michelle Horning, participates in the Internal Revenue Service's Volunteer Income Tax Preparation program. Students must pass an IRS tax exam and, during the course, provide free income tax preparation for low-income residents of Goshen.
  • John Fitzmartin requires students to start a real business as part of the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course. Students are loaned some start-up capital and are required to earn a return on that capital. Student businesses have included sales of jewelry, clothing, cleaning services, laundry services, and more.
  • Students in Carlos Gutierrez's Marketing class, along with the Athletic Department, planned, coordinated, and implemented a "Purple and White Night" marketing campaign and event to kick off the men's and women's basketball seasons.
  • Java Junction, the coffee shop located on campus, gives students the opportunity to run a real business and earn academic credit at the same time. Students manage all areas of operations, including accounting, marketing, purchasing, and human resources.
  • Students have the opportunity to work on projects outside of the classroom environment. Under the supervision of faculty members, students have completed market research projects, written business plans, and designed websites for local businesses and not-for-profit organizations.


All business department students are required to complete an internship sometime during their senior year. Students, with the help of a faculty member, prepare a resume and arrange interviews. Recent internships include:

  • working in the accounting department of a family-owned construction company
  • creating a business directory for a chamber of commerce
  • a sales position with a wireless internet service provider
  • working in the human resource department of a large health system
  • working in event management for a company that operates field signage for sporting events
  • creating several marketing and promotional products for a not-for-profit service agency

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