Tanzania welcomes first SST group

When the 20 students arrived in Tanzania on Jan. 9, it became the 22nd host country for the college’s unique Study-Service Term.

Goshen College had sent students to Ethiopia, another East African country, since 2002, but “the unrest in the Horn of Africa was sufficient enough that it was probably not prudent to send an SST unit there for security reasons,” said Director of International Education Tom Meyers. “We had an excellent program in Ethiopia though, and we were one of the first semester-long college study abroad programs to go there. This is an opportunity for us to get to another part of Africa.” The college also sends students to West Africa.

The group returned on April 11. Jan Bender Shetler and her husband, Peter, led the unit to Tanzania. Jan is a professor of history at Goshen College and the two led an SST unit to Ethiopia in 2005.

During the first six weeks, students attended lectures at the University of Dar es Salaam and studied Tanzanian culture and the language of Swahili at the Swahili and Culture Institute in Dar es Salaam. Students traveled to the northwest regions of Tanzania for the service half of the semester.

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