As seen on CNN... and read in the Chicago Tribune

Students in this photo:
(above front) Jennifer Speight, Elizabeth
Beachy, Rebecca Fast, (back row, left to
right) Peter Koontz, Sheldon Good, Adriel
Santiago, and Kenda Joy Sprunger

On May 6, the world’s eyes turned to Indiana for the results to the state’s presidential primary. It was also the day that Goshen College students were known around the world on CNN and in the Chicago Tribune speaking about their faith and how it informs their political perspectives.

Both media outlets sought the views of Mennonite college students, and CNN specifically wanted to speak with first-time voters for its series called “League of First Time Voters.”

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez came to campus on April 15 and hosted a roundtable discussion with seven Goshen College students: (above front) Jennifer Speight, a first-year English major from Cleveland, Ohio; Elizabeth Beachy, a junior English secondary education major from Wellman, Iowa; Rebecca Fast, a senior social work major who lives in Canada, but is a dual citizen; (back row, left to right) Peter Koontz, a senior history major from Goshen; Sheldon Good, a junior communication and business double major from Telford, Pa.; Adriel Santiago, a first-year collegiate studies major from Souderton, Pa.; and Kenda Joy Sprunger, a first-year molecular biology/biochemistry major from Goshen. The segment then aired May 6 and May 11.

Sanchez asked the students questions about foreign policy, immigration, Iraq, race, pacifism, youth engagement in politics this year, patriotism, social issues and the presidential candidates.

Also on May 6, the Chicago Tribune published a story about faith and politics at Goshen College featuring Beachy and Koontz, along with Jeff Hochstetler, a senior business and history double major from Orrville, Ohio, James Weber, a senior communication major from Reading, Pa., and Emily Miller, a sophomore social work major from Waco, Texas. Also interviewed were Professor of Bible, Religion and Philosophy Keith Graber Miller, President Jim Brenneman and Everett Thomas ’72, a member of the Goshen City Council and editor of The Mennonite.

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