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Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning: FAQs

Q: Why was Goshen College selected for this program?
A: GC is located in a region with a rapidly increasing Latino population, it is strong academically, it has 39 years of experience (through the Study-Service Term) helping students becoming global citizens, and it has educated many international and minority students through the years. With this experience, it now seeks greater outreach to the local Latino community.

Q: What are the goals of the center?
A: Creating greater educational access to Goshen College by Latinos, developing a transformed learning community and conducting research to benefit other colleges and communities with similar demographics.

Q: What is the Lilly Endowment Inc.?
A: The Lilly Endowment Inc. is an Indianapolis-based, private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 through gifts of stock of the pharmaceutical business, Eli Lilly and Company. While gifts of stock in Eli Lilly and Company remain the financial bedrock of the Endowment, they are separate entities.

Q: What has Lilly Endowment done?
A: Since 1937, the Endowment has awarded $6 billion in grants. Its traditional areas of interest in grant making have been and continue to be community development, education and religion. Although the Endowment supports efforts of national significance, it remains primarily committed to Indianapolis and Indiana.

Q: Is this grant just for Latino students?
A: This program focuses on Latinos, who represent the largest local minority population in this area, but the program is designed to provide greater opportunities and support to other groups. Students must be legal U.S. residents or citizens to qualify for CITL scholarships or aid.

Q: Does Goshen College have a diverse student body today?
A: Currently, 10 percent of the student body is considered minorities (5.2 percent are Latino), which doesn’t include the 8 percent of the student body who are from 33 other countries. The Lilly grant and this program give Goshen College the resources to increase diversity for both students and faculty.

Q: How does the new center align with GC’s core values, mission and strategic plan?
A: This center is a perfect match for Goshen College. Because of this, there is excitement about partnering with Lilly Endowment to enhance educational opportunity and achievement for Latino students, and in the process increase educational opportunities for other minorities and first-generation students.

Q: Where will the center be housed?
A: The college is updating its long-term campus master plan, with that process expected to conclude this spring. After that plan is finalized, a permanent location for a center will be developed, possibly involving renovated existing space or the creation of new space on campus. In the meantime, temporary space needs for the center are being addressed.

Q: What staff members are being hired – and when?
A: An enrollment counselor (Liliana Garcia) is expected to begin work in June. Recruitment is under way for a project director, a research director and a director of curriculum, instruction and faculty development. The new directors, working within institutional structures, will design the full implementation of the grant, the hiring of some personnel and identify advisory groups for the grant.

Q: Will the grant be sustainable? A: The grant is for a five-year period, with the possibility of an extension. GC also is working on a plan to make this a sustainable program that will continue long after the grant ends.