Unexpected GC connections span the globe
By: Carla Friesen Weldy

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Carla Friesen Weldy
Director of Alumni Relations
Last issue we invited readers to "Tell us about..." an unexpected GC connection they have made with a Goshen College alumnus, student or faculty member. Before we share those, I want to offer my own, which took place on Christmas morning in 2005, while in Florida with our children on vacation. My husband, Alan Weldy '83, and I took a walk to burn off our meal. I was wearing a Goshen College sweatshirt when we were met by a jogger who stopped and said he was a graduate of Goshen College - a physician from Syracuse, Ind., who vacationed in Florida regularly.

Here are two fascinating connections we learned about:

"Recently my wife Mary (Yoder '71) and I were with a group from our church, Park View Mennonite, in Kenya with a sand dams building project (Mennonite Central Committee 'Connecting Peoples'). We were at the Mennonite Guest House in Nairobi ready to leave for a day's excursion to the Rift Valley with MCC personnel, among them a young woman who identified herself as Deborah Scoot from Scottdale, PA. It turns out she was a 2001 graduate of GC and her mother, Ruth Dyck Scott '72, was an SST student of ours in Guadeloupe in 1970. She also knew on of our daughters, Rachel S. Glick '00. We had never met Deborah before, but we threw our arms around our long lost 'granddaughter!'"
- Ervie Glick '65, Harrisonburd, VA

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 "At a sale in a tiny old shop in Amsterdam, crammed with sewing material, I found at the bottom of a box this tiny object to my surprise. At Goshen College my daughter got an excellent degree. My son spent an interesting year at Goshen College getting familiar with America and Mennonites. For both of them their stay at Goshen College was a crucial part of their education."
- Guda Oly, mother of Annemee Siersma '98 and Tjalling Siersma, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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