What Goshen College has done to me

The following is an excerpt from a senior statement delivered by Class of 2006 member Christopher DeShield during a May term convocation. Chris, who is from Belize City, Belize, graduated with a bachelor of arts degree after completing requirements for majors in biology and English.

At Goshen College they teach how to think critically so you don’t have to be swamped by popular decision and can weigh anything. This does not mean that I destroyed my initial philosophies; rather, my experience at Goshen College deepened them and showed me that I could dissect, deconstruct and disassemble in order to gain greater appreciation for the unquestionable, mysterious and beautiful – that I did not have to destroy a thing by examining its eviscerate parts; instead, I could reverence it more fully in question and contemplation. This has influenced multiple facets of my understanding.

I have one piece of advice. This is a liberal arts college and I would encourage everyone to run the gamut of faculties and disciplines. I think there are few places on this earth where a single student has the opportunity toplay string bass for orchestra and Taizé service, study Hox genes and sonic hedgehog transduction factors, get published in a creative arts journal, organize peace demonstration hymn sings in Georgia and participate in soccer intramurals with people born on five different continents – all on a single campus in a single semester.

The way seemingly disparate subjects inform each other is an extremely intriguing thing. I have found the [links] of biology and English extremely cool, if not always immediately practical, and I imagine links might be drawn between every other study.

I’ve been a formal student for about 17 years; I plan on remaining a scholar. I must say it is hard to imagine a better life.