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Maple Scholars:
Research and exploration under the leafy green trees of summer

The Maple Scholars program, initially introduced in 1998 for students in the sciences – biology, chemistry, physics – has expanded to include students doing research in other disciplines such as art, communication and environmental studies. For students interested in graduate school, the opportunities for longer-term research and potential publication is an excellent experience and résumé builder.

While many universities sponsor research projects, involving undergraduates in original research on a small liberal arts campus is unique and pays off for students seeking further education, as Goshen ranks in the top sixth of U.S. colleges for graduates who go on to earn doctoral degrees.

-The 2006 Maple Scholars-
jocie fong and luke kreider
Jocie Fong (Sr., Phoenix, Ariz.) and Luke Kreider (Jr., Harrisonburg, Va.) examined theories of revenge, forgiveness and justice, as well as how people respond to injustice and methods of vindication. They worked with Professor of Bible, Religion and Philosophy Paul Keim and Associate Professor of Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies Joe Liechty.
jon nafziger and david glick
David Glick (Jr., Goshen) and Jonathan Nafziger (Soph., Goshen) were supervised by Professor of Physics John Ross Buschert as they investigated the vibrations in hand bells.
laura landis and andy yoder
Laura Landis (Sr., Orrville, Ohio) and Andy Yoder (Soph., Sugarcreek, Ohio) spent their summer with Professor of Biology James Miller looking at the effect of phloretin on water and glycerol transport in avian erythrocytes, or red blood cells.
nick loewen
Nick Loewen (Goshen), a 2006 graduate, explored various ideas about abstract painting with limited resources, namely using old house paints and various textured surfaces, with mentor John Blosser, professor of art. (see Fine Arts section)
david martinez and brian schlabaugh
David Martinez (Soph., Goshen) and Brian Schlabach (Jr., West Liberty, Ohio), researched news consumption of local high school students, with additional focus on local variables such as immigration and availability of the media. Associate Professor of Communication Duane Stoltzfus advised their work.
kathryn stutzman
Jonathan Mast (Soph., Millersburg, Ohio) and Kathryn Stutzman (Jr., Goshen) spent their summer involved in ornithology at GC’s Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center through a program called Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS). They worked alongside Merry Lea’s Dave Miller, program director and assistant professor of biology, and volunteer coordinator and environmental educational instructor Lisa Zinn.
irene ngun and sarah thiesson
Irene Ngun (Soph., Plano, Texas) and Sarah Thiessen (Sr., Austin, Texas), supervised by Professor of Biology Stan Grove, searched for a gene in a yeast genome that mutates in order to transport potassium across a cell membrane.
travis weaver and ben yoder
Travis Weaver (Sr., Denver, Pa.) and Ben Yoder (Sr., Lancaster, Pa.) spent their summer with Professor of Physics Carl Helrich, researching the interaction between ion channels in cell membranes and nystatin in cholesterol. They also collaborated with a faculty member and student from Bethel College (Mishawaka, Ind.).