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50 years of creating
Art department celebrates a milestone

ezra hershberger In 1955 Ezra Hershberger moved from Kansas to Goshen College to expand the art program in order to offer a full-fledged art major. Joined by Edna Shantz from the home economics department, Ezra and Edna offered a spectrum of traditional fine arts and crafts courses.

Now 50 years, nearly two dozen faculty and approximately 400 majors later, the art program continues to pulse with vitality. Many new courses have emerged and served to meet ever-changing demands. Graduates are now working around the globe, contributing art and other skills to the world in distinctive
and inventive ways.

CV Image The works shown here are from the “50th Anniversary Art Faculty Exhibit,” which was on display in the Hershberger Art Gallery from Sept. 7 to Oct. 22 and was composed of works by former and current art faculty who have made an appreciable contribution by having taught art at Goshen College for two or more years. The intent for the exhibit was to offer a distinctive historical survey, providing a broad view of the styles, media and content of the principle faculty over the past half century. Faculty artwork, while certainly not the only educational resource, has consistently offered significant inspiration and markers of artistic accomplishment to students, the college, the church and community.

Art faculty who have served two or more years:
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