Recent Internship Experiences

Students will find many opportunities to gain valuable experience (paid or volunteer) in and around the Goshen College community.

All students are required to complete an internship as part of their program of study.  Current students should visit the How to Complete Your Internship page for guidelines.  Visit the Internship Link page for ideas for securing an internship.

Maple City Health Care Center & Goshen Family Physicians

I had the unique opportunity to intern at Maple City Health Care Center as well as Goshen Family Physicians for my biology internship. During my internship, I experienced the importance of bilingual healthcare and the vital role and dynamics of patient-doctor interactions and relations. – Rebekah Steiner



Conservation and Natural Resource Management
Student Conservation Association

This past summer I was one of 10 consultants working with the Student Conservation Association (SCA). This organization focuses on giving students experience on conservation issues and providing them with an opportunity to utilize in class knowledge in their daily work.  Over the summer we worked on a total of 5 projects that were capped off with a small team project (STP). We were responsible for delivering reports and high quality maps for the various projects. I gained immense experience in the field through orienteering, map reading, report writing and GPS skills.  I highly recommend students to tap into this opportunity.  ~Raymond Waweru

Land Conservation and Restoration
Blue Heron Ministries

Blue Heron Ministries is a Christian organization that focuses on native land restoration in Stueben and surrounding counties in Northern Indiana. I learned the proper techniques for applying herbicide which was then used to eliminate invasive species present on the properties that Blue Heron was in charge of maintaining. I also did seed collecting, planting and other restoration jobs. I also used this opportunity to work on plant identification and to learn more about prairies, fens and sedge meadows and how they function.  ~Chelsea Frederick

Environmental Education
Elkhart Environmental Center

The Elkhart Environmental Center’s mission is to preserve, protect and restore the surrounding environment. The majority of my responsibilities include helping in all school-based programs, whether to assist in an educational activity or brainstorm new curriculum to adhere to the changing state science standards. My weekly duties are constantly changing but my most notable responsibility has been to head up the Center’s annual America Recycles Day Fall Fest and Pumpkin Smash, which is a program that focuses on encouraging the importance of recycling through fun and interactive activities such as hiking, crafts using recycled materials, wagon rides, and of course the pumpkin smash. The experience has opened my eyes to how much I enjoy working in the community and understanding what is involved behind the scenes in making these programs successful.  ~Menan Assefa

Urban Gardening
New Community Project

This summer I interned for the Harrisonburg, VA chapter of New Community Project, a non-profit Christian organization that promotes “peace through justice, care for creation, and experiential learning.” Although I was mainly involved with the urban gardens, NCP Harrisonburg also works with alternative transportation and sustainable building. This internship allowed me not only to learn about garden designs and techniques but to also build relationships with people from various walks of life who I never would have otherwise encountered.  ~Serena Townsend

Community Supported Agriculture
Living Hope Farm

I interned at Living Hope Farm, a non-profit, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm in Harleysville, PA. I worked with 3 other women: a director and two interns. Our work day went from sunup to sundown, and our duties included activities such as greenhouse operations, field work, planting, mulching, caring for livestock, tractor work, and managing CSA members. This was a great opportunity to learn about the challenges of producing food organically and sustainably.
~Lydia Yoder

Organic Farming
Foghino Farm

I spent a month of my summer working on Foghino Farm in Trinidad, CO. The arid climate and hot days provided me with plenty of Vitamin D, not to mention experience in a field I did not have much in previously. Many hours were spent weeding, as the farm was organic and completely pesticide-free, but we also built fences, watered tree saplings, dug ditches, and herded goats in the hills outside of Trinidad. The relationships made on the farm helped emphasize the importance of a local community, and getting my hands dirty made me realize the importance of listening to the earth.  ~Ali Fretz

Soil Microbe Research
GC Biology Department

I did research on soil microbes by collecting soil samples from one of the campus prairies. My goal was to figure out the diversity of the soil microbes and use that data to correlate the diversity of the plants aboveground.  ~Amanda Leinbach




Physical Therapy
Princeton Physical Therapy

I had a rewarding experience observing physical therapy. I enjoyed learning more about it and interacting with the patients who came in. I know I have a lot more to learn, but this was a good start. One of my favorite parts was when I helped hold a patient’s arm or foot in a position so the therapist could measure how far it had improved. This made it seem more real, but just being in this environment for a whole day showed me how my life could be working as a therapist. It got me excited for what my future could look like.  ~Melissa Zehr

Indiana Physical Therapy

This summer I did my internship with physical therapist Andy Vogal at Indiana Physical Therapy in Bluffton, Indiana. While there, I was able to watch and observe a physical therapist at work. I watched them come and go each week and got to see their recovery over two months. Each patient was unique, and each interaction was a learning experience. I learned a great deal about the profession and its logistics, but I learned much more about patient interaction and the job skills that are necessary, but that I had thought little about. This experience shed light on the life of a physical therapist and how I might fit into that life in the future. ~Jana Beitler

Plastic Surgery
The Centre, P.C.

This past summer I had a great opportunity to shadow two renowned plastic surgeons: Dr. Ronald K. Downs and Dr. Patrick J. Viscardi.  My typical day consisted of watching many interesting surgeries, with the doctors explaining what they did.  I also helped the nurses clean up the OR after each surgery and with other minor tasks such as moving a patient to another bed or getting any supplies they needed.  This internship gave me more motivation and excitement to become a physician’s assistant.  It allowed me to jump into the daily work lives of these doctors and nurses, showing me the truly amazing work that they do.  ~Spencer Oversen

Medical Research
ImClone Systems

This summer I worked for ImClone Systems, Inc., a pharmaceutical company based in New York City. My main focus was to research extracellular receptors on cancer cells for a new form of cancer therapy.  ~Matthew Glick



Institute for Latino Studies

I spent the semester as a research intern at the University of Notre Dame Institute for Latino Studies. I worked with biological anthropologist Waldo Mikels-Carrasco on various public health projects addressing infant mortality, prenatal care, and cancer screening education in minority populations. My daily tasks included assisting with grant writing, research projects, and media campaigns. I discovered that I really enjoy this type of research because I get to collaborate with people from different areas of work.  ~Clara Sears