Home Heating Project – Warm homes, cool planet

Greetings and thank you for your interest in participating in this home energy survey.

The research we are conducting is part of our Goshen College environmental science course, “Roots of the Environmental Crisis.”  Our goal is to interact with Goshen community homeowners in an effort to help lower their energy bills and simultaneously reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

What we need from you…

SURVEY - The following link will take you to a short survey requesting information about your home. These data will be combined with data from numerous homes in our area in order to create a mathematical model relating home specifics to energy use.
Survey link: https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1Adik7VTlo2F3CZ

UTILITY BILLS – To create our model, we are requesting you provide us with the last 3 year’s of Nipsco energy data for your home. All home energy data will remain confidential and will not be distributed in any way. This can be done by visiting the following website and following the instructions listed below.  Please email the csv file to Michael Zehr – michaeldz@goshen.edu.

What we can provide you….

HOME ENERGY COMPARISON – We will send you a comparison of your home’s performance compared to the other homes in our area, with specific suggestions for how to save on your utilities.

INFRARED PHOTOS – For a subset of participants (on a first-come first-serve basis), we are happy to visit your home and take infrared (IR) photos to help demonstrate where your home may be losing heat.

We look forward to your participation.  Don’t hesitate to reply to this email with questions.


The Goshen Home Energy Research Team:
Lydia Alderfer, Hannah Barg, Avery Bischoff, Savanah Brinegar, Charlie Frederick, David Graber, Armondo Nunez, Kelley Scholfield, Lydia Yoder, Michael Zehr, and Professor Ryan Sensenig

Instructions for obtaining your last 3 years of utility data (for NIPSCO customers)
1) First visit https://nie.opower.com/ei/app/index.html
2) Click on the “create an account” button on the upper right of the page and enter your account information as appears on your energy bill. If your account is not being recognized, try using different variations of your name, possibly without your middle initial (even though it says to include middle initial).
3) Upon successful creation of your account, you will be directed to the homepage, which allows you to view your utility data.
4) Click on the “My Energy Use” tab at the top of the page which will allow you to view your data for the past year.
5) Click on the “export your data” link at the bottom right of the page which starts a download of your data in excel format. With the data now on your computer, we would request that you reply to this email with the files attached. (There should be one file for electric and one for natural gas).  Please email these files to Michael Zehr: michaeldz@goshen.edu.