Fall 2014 Biology Speaker Series

Biology Careers of GC Alumni

4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Science Building, Room 106
Free & Open to the public

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Each semester the Biology Department hosts a mini-series of Science Speaker events to address a theme or support investigation of a topic from multiple perspectives. This fall’s theme will focus on “Biology Careers of GC Alumni” with an ensemble of researchers and practitioners (all GC grads) bringing their experiences to us from all over the world.

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Sally Hunsberger, Ph.D.Friday, Sept. 12

Simple Approaches to Analyzing Self-Controlled Case Series (SCCS) Data

Dr. Sally Hunsberger

National Institute of Health





Wednesday, Oct. 1

The Burkitt’s Lymphoma Story

Dr. Esther Kawira

Director Roche Health Center

Shirati, Tanzania



Friday, Oct. 3    Bartel-345x239

Small RNAs that Silence Genes

Dr. David Bartel

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Biology Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Ali_blog picAndy








Wednesday, Nov. 12                                     

Teaching High School Biology 

Andy Brubaker & Ali Gotwals

Biology Teachers

Goshen High School




Wednesday, Nov. 19

Fish Community Monitoring in Local Waterways

Daragh Deegan

Aquatic Biologist

City of Elkhart