Bible, Religion & Philosophy

Professor Keim and students

Preparing students for active lives of faith and the academic study of religion

The Bible and religion major is designed to provide students with an introduction to biblical studies and the academic study of the Christian tradition while affirming their faith and orienting them toward the value that the Anabaptist tradition places upon the Bible and the church.

Bible & religion major

The major requires courses on the content and methods of biblical study, church history, theology, ethics and philosophy which culminate in a senior seminar. This major will be of particular value to students contemplating either graduate study in Bible, religion or theology, or a calling in Christian ministry, and can also provide a strong foundation for active participation in congregational life no matter a student’s future occupation.

Major in Bible and Religion »

Bible & religion minor

The minor in Bible and religion contains the core of the major in order to provide students with a strong foundation to complement their study of other traditions and for faith development and service to the church. Students take courses in both Testaments, Christian thought and ethics. With the permission of the adviser, some adaptations of the minor requirements are allowed in order to render the program of study as meaningful and useful to the student as possible.

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Philosophy minor

The Bible Religion and Philosophy department offers a minor in philosophy. This minor is a useful complement to students studying in any major especially those intending to continue to graduate studies or a degree in law.

Minor in Philosophy Requirements (18 credit hours)

Philosophy 200, Introduction to Philosophy
Phil 302 Ethics and Morality
Phil 307 Asian Thought
Three courses selected from the following:
English 300, Critical Theory & Practice
PJCS 332, Religion, Conflict & Peace or PJCS 350, Dynamics/Theology of Reconciliation
Phil 400, Individual Readings
Rel 315, Religion in Culture & Society
Rel 320, Christian Faith
Rel 402, Christianity & Modern Thought
Theatre 245, Aesthetics