Faculty member Kristi Glick’s current studio workKristiStudio

Art faculty member Kristi Glick is currently creating a body of work titled Scatterpins that explores crossing boundaries between artist and wearer, and jewelry and sculpture.

The small size and simplicity of each piece means that the pins are not as tied to a specific location on the body as other jewelry might be. They invite the wearer to become an integral part of the design process each time they wear the work because they must decide which pieces, how many and where to place them on the body. In this process the wearer assumes some of the creative decision making respScatterpinsonsibilities that traditionally belongs solely to the artist.

When not being worn, the pins are placed on a sculptural steel background that hangs on the wall. The owner is invited to redesign the sculptural aspect of the work along with the ebb and flow of which pins they are wearing.

More information is at: <http://www.kristinaglick.com> and <http://www.goshen.edu/kristigs/>