Student Learning Outcomes

The goals of the MSN program flow from the GC core values. Upon graduation, the graduate demonstrates:

A life that is Christ-Centered with

  • A faith that is active and reflective
  • An understanding of ethical and moral issues to expand the advocacy role of the advanced practice nurse or clinical nurse leader.
  • A sensitivity and responsiveness to the spiritual needs of self and others

A life of Passionate Learning, through

  • Utilization of knowledge from nursing, natural and social science and the arts in the management of patient health/illness status or management of Microsystems of care.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of research for the initiation of change, improvement of nursing practice, management of health outcomes, and provision of high quality health care
  • Utilization of the research process for addressing clinical problems
  • Development of a foundation for doctoral study in nursing

A life of Servant Leadership, based on

  • A synthesis of knowledge into a personal leadership style that contributes to health for individual, family and community
  • Promotion of policy development related to the emerging roles within nursing
  • Assimilation of knowledge in providing health education and health promotion activities

A life of Compassionate Peacemaking with

  • Contribution to health outcomes through advocacy within the profession, interdisciplinary healthcare team, and the care of individuals, families and communities
  • Application of advanced knowledge in the discipline to specific and vulnerable populations

A life of Global Citizenship with

  • Taking initiative in providing culturally sensitive care
  • Exploring personal and professional values in light of growing health disparities in the community and world.
  • Assimilating knowledge of conflict transformation and social justice issues that are responsive to diverse needs of the individual, family and community.