Payment Plans

We have several payment plans for you to choose from so you can find the best fit.

Financial Aid: If you are receiving loans or grants from the state or federal government, you will declare Goshen College as the recipient and the funding will go directly to the financial aid office. Students using financial aid must apply at least twice during the program, and have the paperwork completed before registration. Read more about applying for loans here.

Payment in Full: If you have the finances to pay directly for your degree, you can opt to pay in full at the beginning of each term by check, cash, or credit card. Charges unpaid within 30 days will be subject to a 1% (12% annual) interest charge.

Monthly Payments: Contracts may be arranged with our outside agency for a low-cost monthly payment to extend throughout each term.  The cost per term is $25.  For additional information, please contact the accounting office or visit