Master’s in Intercultural Leadership – Program Outcomes

Our program is structured to help you acquire Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions that will support your development as a leader in today’s increasingly diverse worlds of business, government, non-profit organizations and education.

Graduates of our program will increase their KNOWLEDGE of:

  • Concepts of Intercultural Communication
  • Concepts and Theories of Leadership
  • Concepts and Theories of Adult Learning
  • Concepts and Theories of Action Science
  • Concepts of Social Justice
  • Concepts of Anti-Oppression

Graduates of our program will increase their SKILLS in:

  • Writing clear and effective prose
  • Finding and evaluating scholarly sources
  • Developing original arguments
  • Planning and implementing Action Research
  • Designing Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Developing Networks of Support

Graduates of our program will foster DISPOSITIONS to promote:

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Personal growth in oneself and others
  • Approaching problems as a learner
  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Preserving and advocating for human rights
  • Partnering with communities

Our courses and educational model serve as the structure for developing your capacities in these areas.