Educational Model

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership is an 18-month program that includes both intensive on-campus residencies (usually 6 days) and online course work.  One of the most important aspects of the program is the Capstone Project – an Action Research project that can help you solve a real problem in your organization’s environment.

Our program is designed to support you in developing skills and competencies you can use in leading diverse teams and making alliances across difference within organizations of all types.  We’ll help you improve your writing and research skills as well as increase your ability to design and implement projects in a way that honors the uniqueness of each person working with you.

Our program includes 6 sessions – alternating between  “residency” sessions and “online” sessions.

– Residency sessions are 6-day sessions (a 5-day work week and a weekend) with 6 weeks of online follow-up.  The sessions in between are 7 weeks online – during which you take 2 courses.

You will take your courses in this 6-session sequence:

Session I:

Residency with online follow-up (7 hrs total)

IIE 500 Orientation and Technology Workshop
IIE 505 Self-Development for Intercultural Leadership
IIE 510 Leadership in Intercultural Organizations

Session II:

7 weeks online (6 hours total)

IIE 520 Action Research and Program Evaluation
IIE 622 Methods and Techniques of Positive Social Change

Session III:

Residency with online follow-up (7 hours total)

IIE 525 Capstone Project Development
IIE 624 Foundations of Social Justice

Session IV:

7 weeks online (6 hours total)

IIE 690 Capstone Project: Theoretical Frameworks and Data Collection
IIE 626 Strategic Human Resources Planning

Session V:

Residency with online follow-up (6 hours total)

IIE 691 Capstone Project: Findings, Conclusions and Peer Review

Session VI:

7 weeks online (4 hours total)

IIE 692 Capstone Project: Defense and Presentation
IIE 628 Community Development and Social Action

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