About Goshen’s Intercultural Leadership Degree

In today’s work environment, managers trained to lead diverse workforces will be increasingly demanded. This program integrates important skills in the areas of management, public administration, organizational development, leadership, diversity and intercultural communications.

Goshen College’s reputable degrees and job placement success are key ingredients in your future success. Here are more reasons to advance your career at Goshen College:

  • Develop skills that work in the real world in this action-oriented program
  • Learn to adapt new capabilities to your own job in a significant workplace project
  • Flexible degree applies to many employers in business, government, non-porfit and education
  • Learn from highly respected faculty from distinguished schools
  • Personalized attention is a major contributor to Goshen’s 80% graduation success
  • Faculty have real world experience, many active in the local business community

Move upward with a Master’s degree for today’s diverse leadership environments

This exclusive master’s program is a natural extension of Goshen College’s expertise in intercultural and international education. Professional in this program will develop critical competencies for working in local and global communities as well as a deep appreciation for diversity.

Goshen designed this program for working professionals in mid-career positions, including business managers, educators, healthcare professionals and non-profit leaders. It will prepare graduates for engaging the multiple cultural contexts in which modern organizations operate.

Tailored for adult lifestyles

You are busy but a master’s degree at Goshen College is still within your reach. A few highlights:

  • 18-month program
  • Combination of three 6-day sessions on campus and online coursework
  • A real workplace action-oriented project in your current position accounts for 1/3 of course hours

Intercultural Leadership students will enjoy personalized instruction from acclaimed Goshen faculty members:

  • Associate Dean of Intercultural Development and Educational Partnerships Dr. Rebecca Hernandez
  • Associate Dean Dr. Ross Peterson-Veatch
  • Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs Anita Stalter