Unlike many other institutions, Goshen College’s Adult Degree Program has no hidden fees or expenses. Some schools may appear to have a low tuition rate, but then charge extra for little details that can add up quickly—registration fees, parking permits, books, technology fees, and special materials. At Goshen College, all expenses are included in the price of the program, so you know exactly how much to budget.

It’s true—paying for a top-rate education costs money. Once you have completed your degree, you’ll have more potential for a higher salary, promotions, and other career advances that will help you earn more money in the long term. Plus, paying for college is affordable with the financial aid packages many of our students receive.

Organizational Leadership Program

First Term (12 credits) $ 4,980.00
Second Term (13 credits) $ 5,395.00
Third Term (15 credits) $ 6,225.00
Total $ 16,600.00