• Jade Klingler, B.S.N. Program, 2010

    “I chose Goshen College because the BSN program is 19 months, one night a week. It’s great for me—to have a family, work, and get everything I need to get done but also go to school.”

  • Mark Dilworth, Organizational Leadership Program, 2009

    “Leadership is something that happens anywhere, no matter what your career is, whether it’s in ministry or for-profit business.”

  • Garner Wireman , Organizational Leadership Program, 2007

    “I was at the point where I couldn’t get further at my job without more education, and I got tired of being overlooked. From the time I started through graduation, I ended up getting two promotions. Now I’m getting my MBA.”

  • Mary Jane Treadway, B.S.N. Program, 2007

    “The money is always a fear when you go back. You ask, ‘Am I going to see this money in return? I want this to work for me.’ I did get my money’s worth–that was no problem. Also, the kind of fear that I had when I first started was, ‘Wow, I haven’t been to school in years, how am I going to get this done? ’ So I was worried at first, but Goshen College is there to help you. They will do anything to help you succeed, so you do not fail.”