Our Learning Model

Getting your degree should help you advance your career—it shouldn’t get in the way of what is already a busy life. We understand you have responsibilities to your family, your job, and your community. Our program is specifically designed for students like you:

Accelerated Education

Our program is faster than traditional college coursework. You’ll be able to complete your degree faster by going year-round—and keep working at your job the whole time.

Convenient Schedule

Classes meet one night each week for four hours to better fit into your busy life.  Depending on which program you choose, you can take one course at a time or two at a time, but either way you will have a schedule that suits you.

Cohort Learning

Our bachelor’s degree programs in Organizational Leadership, and Nursing and all of our Master’s degree programs use a “cohort” model.  You and your fellow students progress through the entire program together, supporting each other along the way. Each class has no more than 20 students, all of whom are working adults like you.

One-Stop Service

We know you don’t have time for the little details that can bog you down, so we provide one-stop service to help you get started. We help you with registration, payment plans, and getting all your books and materials.

Valuing Your Knowledge

As an adult learner, you already have a wealth of experience from volunteer service, work training programs, internships, and other practical learning opportunities. We understand the value of these experiences and can help you convert some of them into college credit toward completing your degree. Learn more.