Dan Koop Liechty, Ph.D.

Director of Admissions, International Enrollment Counselor

Email: dankl@goshen.edu
Toll free: 1.800.348.7422
Phone: 574.535.7535

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When I was six months old I moved to Goshen or perhaps more accurately, I was moved to Goshen. My father had just completed his graduate studies and was returning to Goshen College where he spent his career working in student life. During my father’s sabbatical years my family had the opportunity to travel and live abroad. I spent my kindergarten and seventh grade years in India at Woodstock School and half of my third grade year was spent in Belize.

When it was time to pick a college I was happy to come to Goshen. I loved studying at GC and being involved in a close and caring learning community. During my sophomore year I had had the opportunity to study language and culture and do service in Haiti as part of Goshen’s longstanding study abroad program, SST. After my time in Haiti, I decided that I wanted to take some time off of college to figure out what I wanted to study so I spent a year abroad doing service work in Taiwan. I came back to Goshen in my junior year, ready to settle into my studies and soon realized that I love to study cultures and social systems. I finished my sociology degree in 1988 and was able to get a job with the professor for whom I had been interning.

I credit Goshen with preparing me for a career that involves working directly with students and to work in settings that are not always comfortable. Just a few years ago Jill, my wife, and our three children had the opportunity to go to India where I returned to Woodstock School, this time to serve as Head of Guidance and Counseling. We had three wonderful years there and are now thrilled to be back in Goshen where we are part of a vibrant global learning community committed to making peace in all its forms.

Hobbies and Interests:

I am passionate about most things soccer. I played soccer in high school and college and now spend more time watching than playing, but I still enjoy getting out and playing. I closely follow the English Premier League and particularly support Manchester United. I also love going to Goshen College soccer games where the support for the team is contagious. In addition to soccer, I love to read, garden and travel. Spending time exploring new and old places with my family is how I would most like to spend my time.

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